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VLSIGURU is a VLSI Training Institute in Bangalore focused on imparting industry oriented training to the graduates looking for opportunities in VLSI Industry. It is founded by industry veterans with experience of working in different domains across chip design industry.

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  • Making highest quality VLSI Training affordable to all categories of students
  • VLSI Training in bangalore with focus on preparing fresh graduate industry ready in 3 months by offering industry oriented VLSI Training.

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Why Us
  • VLSIGURU is the only institute offering vlsi training in bangalore to students on SoC design and verification. We are also offering System verilog training & uvm training with projects based on complex protocols like USB, PCIe, DDR, etc

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  • VLSI Training in Functional Verification
  • System Verilog for Functional Verification
  • UVM for Functional Verification
  • ARM Processor Architecture
  • Scripting Language Training
  • Standard Protocol Training

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vlsiguru as a vlsi training institutes in bangalore offers vlsi training in which is completely focused for vlsi jobs in bangalore and chip design jobs in bangalore as well functional verification jobs in bangalore. vlsi training institutes main focus is to offer system verilog training on complex IP modules. vlsi training institutes in bangalore is completely focused on system verilog functional verification. We also cover uvm methodology training as part of vlsi training institutes. We also give guidance on vlsi jobs to job aspirants.

vlsiguru is among best vlsi training institutes in bangalore. system verilog functional verification is our major focus in vlsi training, We offer best VLSI Training in Bangalore, SystemVerilog Training in Bangalore, UVM Training in Bangalore, OVM Training in Bangalore, Methodology Training in Bangalore. vlsi training covers different aspects of functional verification including system verilog, ovm, methodology training. system verilog based vlsi training covers all aspects of functional verification.